​Our Staff

Janice Kroeter

June Adair

June has worked many jobs, but has worked for Froggie's Full Sun for 13-ish years! She spends half of her year in Estes Park, Colorado where she owns "Bradshaw Cottages" with her husband Kenny. She is the Legging Queen and loves a good night by the fire with a movie. June-Bug loves her some coffee, loves her two sons, and Jesus too. Want to talk politics? Talk to June! She's our right-winged, Conservative, Republican lady friend! She's been living her double life in Colorado and Jonesboro for over thirteen years! She's one hard-working lady, at least for half of the year! June will be celebrating her birthday on January 29th, 2016! Holla at her for some Social Security MOOLAH!!! 

Carly Dibble

Carly is the designated "new girl" at work! Carly has been with Froggie's Full  Sun since August! She is a sophomore at Arkansas State University majoring in strategic communications, more specifically in public relations and advertisement. She is a member of Chi Omega and also a member of PRSSA on campus. A few of her favorite things include going to the lake, crafting, and camping with her family! One of her favorite items from the store is the PurseN Amour Travel Case. Being an out-of-town college student who travels home a lot, it's the perfect bag for her to hold all of her "getting-ready" and necessity items! Carly loves everything Ban.do and Kate Spade!

Allie Tagupa
Allie has been with Froggie's Full Sun for over three years. She's unapologetically  the queen of sass and attitude. Allie is a hard worker being a full-time employee, full-time student, and full-time pain in the rear. She's the go-to personalization protege and loves Beyoncé. This girl always has a comeback for whatever you have to say, usually sarcastic and should definitely look into being a stand-up comedic when she grows up. Allie loves Disney World, trampoline parks, and steak. Her favorite brand is Lilly Pulitzer! She keeps one form of a Corksicle cup or canteen with her at all times! She's the first one you see at Froggie's and the last one you'll hear. Three cheers for this girl being fun, crazy, and way too extra.​​

Lynn Chrisman: Owner
After working twenty-two years in a legal profession, Lynn Chrisman purchased the store in October 2004. Lynn is married to Melvin Chrisman, our smiley delivery man. Together, they have three puppies: Maggie, Buddy, and Buster. Lynn grew up traveling the world with her parents, so she has many stories to tell! For example, ask her to say "Valentine" or "spaghetti".  Lynn's nickname is Pooh, who she is pictured with to the left on a trip to Disney World in the summer of 2015! She loves to watch movies on the Chill Network and snuggle with her puppies as much as possible! Lynn (Pooh) Chrisman is a total business balla here in Jonesboro, Arkansas.​​